Monday, June 11, 2007


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charlotte said...

Hi Eric,

I'm Charlotte Sublett. I just graduated from David Lipscomb High School in Nashville, and
I'm about to be heading off to college in the fall at Wheaton College's
Conservatory of Music in Chicago. I stumbled across your beautiful photos by
accident when I was googling African photographs. What I really want to do is
to find a very poignant photograph to hang on my dorm room at college. I don't
want it as decoration, but more as a reminder to me of the people in the world
who need my help. I want to be moved when I look at the photo to make a
difference in the world, and to be compassionate and giving. Anyway, I was
googling and I found your site. I looked at your pictures from Rwanda, and I
was so moved and awed by the emotion you have captured in them. I am a very
amateur photographer, but I like to do some dark room work at school from time
to time, and I was really impressed by the contrast in your pictures that I can
never seem to get in mine! To get down to it, I am wondering if th
ere is some way I could have one of your pictures to hang on my wall at college. I don't even
know if you could do that, and if you could, I bet your pictures are really
expensive. I don't have much money really since I just have a summer job, but
is there any way we could work something out? I just really think that your
picture would make a huge difference.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your consideration!

Have a good day!